Affordable High Resolution Double Seam Inspection

SEAMscan SPC's extremely flexible and modular design allows you to tailor your double seam inspection package to suit the needs, and the budget, of your organization. Buy only what you need. The SEAMscan SPC System may be purchased as a complete seam scanner package, or as individual software modules and hardware options. Software changes, updates and upgrades are simple with the help of our Technical Support Department.

The SEAMscan SPC System is made up of three products essential for proper double seam maintenance and is often bundled with a technical support plan:

VSI-5000 Series Video SEAM Imager

This high-resolution digital seam scope for food cans, beverage cans, and aerosol cans, clearly illuminates and captures can seam images. The Video SEAM Imager is a fixed focus vision system designed to clearly illuminate and capture images of double seams, cover hook wrinkles, can ends, composite cans, side weld seams and much more.

More rugged and more reliable than conventional halogen lamps, the Video SEAM Imager uses a solid-state monochromatic LED light source designed for up to 5 years of 24 hour operation. Chromatic distortion is eliminated, permitting optimum can seam images with quick and easy operator adjustments of can position, contrast and brightness.

More information: VSI-5000 Series Video SEAM Imager
VSI-5211 Series Beverage SEAM Imager
VSI-5000A Series Aerosol SEAM Imager

auto SEAMview Software

Measure, compare and evaluate double seam images in less than one second! Seams are automatically measured in high-resolution; out-of-spec readings are highlighted directly on the seam image; and SPC graphs are displayed in real-time along with the double seam.

auto SEAMview inspection software can automatically re-size live or captured can seam images to fit any screen; without affecting calibration or double seam measurement accuracy. Click to zoom into any part of the can seam for an additional 2x, 3x, or 4x magnification (nearly 250x actual size on a 17 monitor). Make notes right on the double seam image and save it as a .BMP, .PNG, .GIF or .JPG file, send it in an e-mail message, or even use it in a document or a spreadsheet.

auto SEAMview - Automatic Double Seam Measurement Software gives you the flexibility to:

More information: auto SEAMview Inspection Software

Visionary SPC Software

Visionary SPC Software is a version of our powerful network-ready Visionary QC Software for can inspection and statistical process control. Packaged in a friendly user interface for both novice and expert computer users, Visionary SPC Software seamlessly integrates with the auto SEAMview Software to give you an automatic double seam measurement system with the power to:

Can inspection data may be shared and exported from Visionary SPC Software in virtually any format, so you can readily analyze the seam scan data using other standard software packages like LabView and Minitab.

More information: Visionary QC Software

It just keeps getting better.

Consistent, customer-driven software improvements have made the SEAMscan SPC System the most comprehensive, versatile can measurement and double seam evaluation system in the industry. Our latest version of the SEAMscan SPC System provides flexibility for those who need advanced statistical process control (SPC) tools, yet the double seam inspection process is user-friendly enough for less experienced technicians. Operating in the Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP environment, you can start out with a basic seam scanner and easily upgrade to a full can inspection database and statistical process control system. Attach your existing can gauges and can testers with convenient adapters and converters.

The SEAMscan SPC system enhances your quality assurance department:

With many versatile configurations, only the SEAMscan SPC System has the fundamental structure to overcome obsolescence. As your needs grow, your seam inspection system can grow with you, and with CMC-KUHNKE you also get the total system technical support and responsiveness that ensure maximum up-time and fast, cost-effective upgrades.